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Fabio and Hortense publish paper in Nature Communications

  Inspired by the hygroscopical movement of plant seed's dispersal units, we developed a process to self-shape hard ceramics into intricate and complex shapes during their sintering at high temperature. Such a bottom-up shaping method is attractive for applications that would benefit from low-waster ceramic fabrication, temperature-resistant interlocking structures or unusual geometries not accessible using conventional top-down manufacturing. Read more 


Madeleine publishes paper in Advanced Materials

Bulk nacre-like composites with mineral nano-interconnectivity display stiffness and strength levels comparable to that of continuous fiber composites, with the advantage of easier processability inherent of discontinuous composites. This opens new possibilities to composite produce parts with more complex designs. Read more 


Alessandro publishes paper in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

Combining step emulsification with microfluidic glass devices allows for the fabrication of novel functional materials at high throughput, which is shown in a new publication. Read more 

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A new postdoc postition is available in the area of shape programmable materials for morphing of aerospace structures. More info here.

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