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Jascha and Hortense publish in Biosinpiration & Biomimetics

Collaboration between the Complex group, the Composite and adaptive structures lab at ETH and the Smart materials and structures lab at Purdue University lead to the fabrication of a synthetic composite resembling a leaf that snaps as quickly as the carnivorous plant, the Venus FlyTrap. Read more 


Florian publishes paper in Nature Communications

The Complex Materials team have developed a new method of manufacturing ceramics that does not require the starting materials to be fired. Instead, they are compacted under high pressure at room temperature in a significantly more energy-efficient process. This process is inspired by the geological process called pressure solution creep which is responsible for the densification and ductility of carbonate rocks in the Earth upper crust. Read more 


Fabio and Hortense publish paper in Nature Communications

  Inspired by the hygroscopical movement of plant seed's dispersal units, we developed a process to self-shape hard ceramics into intricate and complex shapes during their sintering at high temperature. Such a bottom-up shaping method is attractive for applications that would benefit from low-waster ceramic fabrication, temperature-resistant interlocking structures or unusual geometries not accessible using conventional top-down manufacturing. Read more 

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